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Jan 9 14 3:21 PM

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Chairman David Messom has issued a stark warning that the strength and quality of the current squad, which is challenging for a place in the play-offs, cannot be sustained without more people coming through the gates.
 In what he describes as "a last throw of the dice" he is appealing for fans to encourage family and friends to come and support the team.
 The Seagulls have gone seven games unbeaten and are only four points off the play-off places, yet gates have failed to reach 300 in the last five home league games.
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Jan 9 14 9:25 PM

Totally agree with Mr Messom, though a slight word of caution regarding Welsh league clubs' reported attendances.  Rhyl in particular, even Rhyl people tell me their reported gates are a blattant lie, often claiming a gate of 500 plus, some  are actually counting the people at Rhyl games and a 550 gate, they claim amounts to about 270 actually there.  It's thought in the Welsh system clubs are allowed to count all those on their - (for want of a better description), social inclusion type schemes, as being at the game, whether these people are there or not and even though they don't even pay to get in.  One assumes that Rhyl, given the social circumstances of many of the young people in that town, have a significant number of people on such schemes.  Common sense probably also informs us that a lower/mid table Welsh league team playing the likes of Bala, Connahs Quay, Newtown etc, simply are not attracting gates of 700.  it would seem there is no compunction upon Welsh system clubs to report people coming through the turnstile as their actual attendance. It isn't me saying this by the way, Rhyl's fanciful and legendary inflated gigs are apparently common knowledge among those involved with that standard of football.

The £10 admission to get into Bay games simply doesn't cut ice with me.  In the 90's when we got good gates entrance cost was equivalent to 4 pints of beer.  Cost today is probably equivalent to 3 1/2 pints.    Evostick clubs are charging £8 as a rule.  But what gets me is when I go to (it shall remain nameless), a pub not much of a walk from the ground, it will be packed full of blokes paying £3 plus a pint, sat there gauping at the bar screen watching Hull playing Fulham for f##k sake.  What the f##k is that all about.  I wonder if it's all part of the general Colwyn Bay malaise, we've all given up on our own town, many blokes who should know better have become content to work, go home, to fit into SKy /BT sports match times go shopping with the misses Saturday afternoon so she'll let them go to the pub to gaup at Hull versus Fulham etc FFS.  Some would say man up and get up to Llanelian Rd on a matchday you chuffin lard arses.  good job no one bothers coming on this forum anymore, wouldn't want anyone to damage their delicate wrists having to type more than  Twatter max 140 characters.

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Jan 9 14 11:56 PM

Well observed Arthur. I have long said it is far better to watch your local club in the flesh than add to the Murdoch empire. I hope some good responses come from the view being aired.

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Jan 10 14 10:38 PM

To get crowds to increase in the future, lets initially look back at average crowds over the past 10 years. Thank god there are some good sites to retrieve this information.
Lets go 03/04 230, 04/05 205, 05/06 333, 06/07  343, 07/08 281,  08/09 342, 09/10 326, 10/11 444, 11/12 349, 12/13 375 - giving a a 10 year average of 323. This season to date it is 291 but the average will naturally increase quite significantly with the swelling of Telford and Stockport supporters yet to come.  Probably there is a hard core of about 250 - 275 supporters who will attend generally in most weathers and how can this be increased or is this the most the club can ever get. This season, until very recently the home form has not been good and I think by the beginning of Decemeber the team had only won 1 home game. The show piece game against Corby in the FA Cup when over 500 were present was an awful let down and will have put off many floating supporters as it looked like the team playing that day didn't really care. Hopefully the recent surge in team performance can see the team playing with increased confidence at home and hopefully more of these floating supporters will come back. Come on Frank - hopefully we can with some good football at home with positive results, get the average attendance initially up to 444 ( the highest in the past 10 years) and you never know what may happen ( FOOTBALL'S A FUNNY OLD GAME) if the club was to gain promotion. Does anyone know if the current ground complies with Skrill Premier standards.

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Jan 10 14 11:24 PM

If there was a demographic of the age of Colwyn Bay fans it would be (this is an estimate) 40% about fifty years +, 20% children under the age of fifteen, 30% of adults between the ages of thirty to fourty nine and about 10% of young adults between the ages of sixteen to twenty nine. Somebody commented on a Colwyn Bay status on facebook and he said there should be a ticket price for young adults for about £6. Now I myself is in the sixteen to twenty nine age range. I'm still in full time education, I have no job. Ticket = £10, Bus = £6.50 plus matchday food which is about £2, in total that's £18.50, it all adds up! I don't think it's that hard to make a student admission price. I believe £5 to £7 isn't a bad price. I also think Colwyn Bay could do a bus service. I sometimes go to Bangor games (which is actually cheaper for me to go to) and they offer a bus service that goes from the centre of bangor to the ground there and back if you want to. I believe all the things I've mentioned are not impossible to do.

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Jan 11 14 2:14 AM

Some good points raised here. My post, or rant, actually relates to your average working bloke, to whom the £10 entrance plus a couple of beers, programme, food etc, isn't an issue, yet they don't come to Bay games and seem to prefer to watch two team on the telly they have absolutely no connection of any kind with.   I do feel however, it is the responsibility of the club to do deals to attract families, children, students etc. there are enough people at the club now who are being paid to do things and they should study their local demographic and target specific groups such as those above who could help increase the gate. Colwyn Bay is the biggest town on the North Wales Coast, our gates should reflect this. though it's hard to tell given welsh club gates along the coast can't be trusted as being a reflection of actual paying customer through the gate.

BBC Wales are also a disgrace, they completely ignore Colwyn Bay FC, they couldn't give Newport enough coverage when they were at Conference south level, the same we are at now and even Merthyr, who are a level or two below us get much more coverage than us now. BBC Wales, for some reason have made a deliberate decision to be disrespectful towards Colwyn Bay FC, I've often wondered what their agenda is.

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Jan 11 14 10:02 PM

Daily Post is also a complete disgrace. I have often bought that paper to read a report of the Bay's away games (midweek) the following day, and f--k all about the Bay in it. What is their agenda?

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#8 [url]

Jan 11 14 10:30 PM

The Daily Post usually have an early deadline in midweek (7pm), except when Wrexham are playing, and so can't take reports until the following day. Their website could do something, but gives Colwyn Bay no coverage at all.

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Jan 11 14 10:55 PM

Good to see a gate of 367 today. 
The club must sell itself to the community - nobody else will, the club will need to be proactive in this and it must be forced. 
Try some free football buses, the ground is somewhat off the beaten ground for those who have no transport. 
As a current dissulussioned wrexham supporter, only gone twice this season, they have a very good system with the local schools for under 11's, freee admission and the kids play in the corners of the ground at half time in front of the supporters. usually there are 4 games at most matches. Get the younsters into the habit of coming to the ground to watch the team. wrexham still have an average gate of over 3000 despite playing dros at home for most of this season. The signing of ex wrexham player Tolley hopefully will ensure that the club can start to bully teams at home this season by his robust and forceful way of playing. If the team can change to a more forcefull approach at home , the home results will improve and the attendances improve. Nothing wrong with the away tactics of playing on the break - however, this approach at time is at times like watching paint drying. Up the Bay, it would lovely to see the club have derbies with the mighty wrexham next season subject to performance this season, finance and ground requirements.


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#10 [url]

Jan 12 14 11:34 AM

So, in conclusion:  Your average aged 40 plus Colwyn Bay bloke, who has been working some 20 plus years and is on top or not far off paying the mortgage etc, kids no longer a financial burden, so paying a tenner entrance to Bay games, having a couple of pints at the clubhouse etc, is no big drain on their pocket, there's plenty of these blokes in Colwyn Bay but presumably they are either:
a) ....  not interested, content to go shopping with the misses, or do DIY etc or has no interest in football of any kind, so is a lost cause and the town of Colwyn Bay has more of these types of blokes than your average town,   OR
b) ----- follows football, but has latched onto SKY/BT (illegally streamed), Premiership TV games and prefers to stay at home, or go to the pub to watch this, OR has a season ticket at Man U, Liverpool, Man C, Everton etc (I know a few of these lads come to Bay games when their Prem team is away) and there's more of these types in the Bay than your average town.

As for attracting others:  School children, families, students, teenagers,  the club have people now in paid positions at the club, maybe these people can be utilised to look into and implement schemes to attract these potential fans.

lessons learnt - let's not compare our gates to those of LoW clubs like Rhyl who (according to what Rhyl people tell me), are not actually recording the number of people who have come through their turnstile and It's a different system with different motivations for the clubs involved.

And remeber, we used to get better gates than the likes of Morecambe and Accrington when they were playing at the same level as us, so I would contend it is the expeiences of these clubs that are more relevant to our situation than any other clubs, in particular those albeit local clubs who play in another counties league system and don't record accurate match attendances.

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#13 [url]

Jan 12 14 10:34 PM

aholden - I'm one of your average 40+ blokes and have been working for 20+ years. Having said that, I've got much longer on my mortgage than I'd like, and the kids are eating us out of house and home, but I take your point (and agree with a fair few, but not all, of those made by a number of people on this forum and on the other social media sites over the past few days).

Firstly, with regards to yesterday, I think 367 was a pretty positive response to the Chairman's "call to arms" made only a couple of days earlier. I know we've been banging on about trying to get more bums on seats at Llanelian Road for a while, but let's start from scratch, and see were it takes us. I can't imagine there was more than 30 there from Oxford, which is no mean effort considering their average home attendances and the distance involved, weather prospects, just after Christmas, etc, etc. There must , therefore, have been some new faces, and whilst we didn't win, nobody can have failed to have enjoyed the game, or fault the effort of the team, who on another day, could, and possibly should, have scored five or six.

Personally, I think Conference North football at £10 a head is good value. Solihull Moors are the only club in the league that are cheaper (£9), but several clubs do have a reduced rate for students (approx £5 on average), which I think is something that should be looked at. However, I don't buy into the theory that we would get a lot more through the turnstiles if admission was reduced to say £8. Shoot me down in flames if you disagree, but if you can afford £8, you can probably afford £10. Alternatively, if the £2 difference really is too much, why not attend 4 games out of 5 - the total cost is the same.

I've seen some including the price of food and drink in the "cost" of attending matches. Whilst the quality of the food on offer is undoubtedly excellent, there is nothing that say that you aren't allowed to eat before you leave home, and the quality of football on offer most weeks can be enjoyed without the aid of alcohol (or tea or coffee for that matter) if you really try. It really is a poor excuse for not attending. The club could, obviously, reduce prices to next to nothing, but I doubt it could then sustain the level of football we are now enjoying.

A couple of suggestions :

Solihull offer half price admission (to all league matches) to season ticket holders of six of the major clubs in the area (Villa, B'rum, WBA, Wolves, Coventry and Walsall), and it appears to be working at least to some degree. It's crossed my mind that this is unfair on the genuine fans paying full price, but as a one-off, would those "genuine" supporters be happy to see the club trying it out? We are at home to Boston on Feb 15th, and I believe that it's FA Cup weekend, with no Premier League matches scheduled. Man Utd are already out of the FA Cup, and there's a fair chance that either Liverpool, Everton, City, etc will be playing away or on the Sunday, etc. Could that be a good time to try it?

A number of clubs have tried "pay what you want" as a one-off. I'm in the process of asking around those clubs that have tried it, and whilst the board might fear that they'll make a loss, I really can't see that happening, if advertised properly and accompanied by a "Your club needs you" plea. I honestly don't know what the average gate receipts are on the crowds that we've had this season, but I wonder whether the club would be willing to give it a go against Gloucester on Tuesday Feb 4th. If the board need some assurance, could we get a group together to pledge to make up the difference if the worst came to the worst and they took less money than normal on the gate - I'm only guessing, but if we got a gate of 600 paying £2 each, we shouldn't be looking at more than £25-£30 each if we got 20 pledges, and as I say, I'm certain the club would be quids in. Should we have to pledge? Probably not, but if it encourages the club to try it would people be willing to offer to do it?

Any thoughts?

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#14 [url]

Jan 13 14 8:18 AM

I'm happy to support / contribute financially to anything that may help the club.  How about 100 of us just giving the club £25 each as a one of payment, getting nothing in return, just for the love of the club to help Frank maintain his squad?

As some may know I used to help fund raising etc but these days I work all week then tend to be busy at weekends doing other stuff, fiiting in CBFC is a not often enough pleasure for me these days.  The supporters group need a person who can direct and lead things.  

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#15 [url]

Jan 13 14 2:43 PM

FOLLOWING Colwyn Bay chairman David Messom's recent appeal for more support, a number of incentives are now being introduced by the club to try and attract bigger crowds.
For all remaining home matches this season admission for students will be just £3 on presentation of their student card, and for the three home games in February (Harrogate on Feb 1st, Gloucester City on the 4th and Boston on the 15th) all season ticket holders of other football clubs will be allowed admission for £6 by showing their season ticket at the gate.
With the FA Cup weekend on February 15th meaning no Premier League matches, it is a chance for us to attract season tickets holders wirth Premier League and other teams who have been knocked out of the competition and might be without a game, to come to Boston game at a reduced fee."
At the match against Boston all supporters attending will be given a voucher allowing them priority to purchase tickets for the game against Stockport County in April should the club decide to make that an all ticket match due to County's big following.

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#17 [url]

Jan 13 14 11:39 PM

There have been some great posts on here concerning improving attendances but I cannot agree with Exileinmold that we need to play a more forceful style of football as that usually involves as the forceful suggests forcing it by use of the long ball. I don't know how long Exileinmold has been watching us but it was that style of football that almost got us relegated and as for playing on the break away from home he obviously hasn't seen us away from home. The top five have all rated us as the best team they have played .Why ? because we outpassed them. When you have footballers like Sean Williams, Mark Williams Danny Taylor, Mike Lea, Rob Hopley, Jay Ellison and others why would you want to play forceful football. As for Jamie Tolley I have watched him since he made his debut as a sixteen year old for Shrewsbury Town and he will fit perfectly into what Frank and his staff are trying build. There are many things that can be done but changing the playing style is not one of them as how we play suits the players we have. If you want to watch forceful football buy some DVD's of Wimbledon and Watford in the 80's. Our style at present is getting results and majority of fans appreciate this. Things need to change but not the playing style.

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#18 [url]

Jan 14 14 11:23 PM

My previous comment regarding a more robust style of play may have been taken out of context.. Over the past few seasons, the team have probably scored more points away from home than at home which would suggest that the tactics used at home even with different managers need to be looked at. My original thought was, a player like Tollley who I have seen playing quite a few times for WXM can with his power help to break up the containing mid field players of away teams who come to the Bay. Only time will tell, but
I feel he will contribute to better results at home. Supporters do not like the team to lose at home on a regular basis and play reasonably well on their travels. The club lost 13 times at home last season and have not won that many at home this season. I suggested in an earlier reply that the club should l ook at the initiative that WXM do at half time with local schools playing football - any comments on this any the practicallity of carrying it out . Look at this suggestion of planting acorns!

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