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May 5 14 2:35 PM

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Having the utmost respect for Frank, the team  and their achievements on the pitch. The board, Dave Messom, Bob Paton, Kurtis Chapman etc, The fundraising efforts of John Martin, the hard work volunteers do behind the scenes, supporters' organising coach trips etc and given the current slightly confusing circumstances - letter to shareholders stating funds needed, Frank stating in the local press he's hoping to "push on" next season - I've got a suggestion.  why don't we as supporters facilitate the club to engage directly with every home in the Colwyn Bay and surrounding area?  it will cost us all nothing except time, imagination and photocopying costs.  if the club produce a letter of introduction, intention, request for support, outline any deals etc (the current letter to shareholders isn't far off), do copies, then we as supporters organise ourselves to deliver these letters to each and every address in the area.  Colwyn Bay is a surprising large, spread out town, so we would have to plan this as a military campaign.  One place to target is that new estate built on the site of the old Penrhos School on the Cayley Embankement.  All properties on that large estate sold for £250,000 or above, properties that many locals most certainly could not have afforded to buy, there are plenty of top of the range BMW's Audi's Jags, Range Rovers etc parked outside these properties.  Who lives there?  I'm not aware that anyone from that neck of the woods comes to a Bay game.  Do they all work in Manchester, Chester, Liverpool and scoot onto the A55 to pursue their careers?  What do they do at weekends?  Let's engage with them, they may not even know the town they reside in has a football club?  Let's post a letter through their front door, let's engage.  but let's not stop there, we shouldn't discriminate, let's target eveywhere in a planned manner, every front door on Colwyn Heights, Peulwys Estate, Rhos on Sea, Penrhyn Bay, Llanddulas etc etc could receive a letter from the club, delivered by us at no cost.  local politcal parties organise themselves to do this at election time with small bands of volunteers.  Why can't Bay supporters?  A plan of action could be:.
1) Club drafts a letter
2) Copies of letter are produced at 5p or less a pop.
3) Supporters meet up on a Saturday monring, target an area and deliver for a couple of hours, at least the walk will only do us all good if nothing comes of it.

Any thought?  Anyone there?

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May 5 14 3:34 PM

Good idea Arthur. I am available at weekend as I work nights. If we pick an area I don't mind driving people there. Over the course of the summer we could hit a large part of the area.

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May 5 14 8:28 PM


I think im the only director who comes on the forum to be honest.

Arthur, great idea mate. I shall email David Messom now and get him to draft something up. I think A5 flyers would be most cost effective way of doing it. 10000 would be about £150.

I'm sure quite a few people would volunteer to had them out. If one of you could compile a list ready for areas to cover?


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May 5 14 11:21 PM

This must surely call for a strategy meeting, probably somewhere with a bar! Seriously if we divide the area into blocks and blitz colwyn bay and surrounding areas it probably wouldn't take too long.

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May 6 14 9:48 AM

Have a word with The Board first maybe Kurt.  What they want on the letter.  if it was me I would wait until a couple of attractive pre-season friendlies are arranged and ticket - season ticket prices have been decided upon, plus also any deals being offered for kids etc or if anyone wishes to to arrange any group bookings, plus if you run a business and are interested in supporting the club please contact ?

I would also put in the letter a section on the club's ambitions, plans to further develop the ground, recent success 2x promotions, the fact we attract people of the quality of Frank and Adie.  

Also if preferable the request for volunteers may have to be transferred to Facebook, if it means more response.  let's not waffle on about it endlessly, let's do it, then plan our postal campaign.

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May 6 14 11:18 AM

Arthur totally agree about the site I have been blitzed with crap.Just been logged off by trying to get rid of pop ups.Your idea of leaflets is a great idea if I can help in any way let me know.

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