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Nov 27 12 1:46 PM

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Have I missed something?

There seems to be adverts popping up everywhere when I log on to the forum!

Can I remove them FOC as they are a pain in the arse - I am sure they haven't always been on it?


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Feb 6 13 12:52 PM

I was perusing through a few old posts and came across this one by Joel.
I only use Google Chrome, but I don't see any of the adverts on this site thanks to an ad-blocker that works really well. I thought it might be worth sharing this for anyone else who gets a bit miffed with all the adverts on this site.

Maybe someone uses Firefox as well as an ad-blocker could put the instructions of how to use it on here as well?

If your using Google Chrome, follow the instructions below:

1. Visit the store at

2. In the left pane, search for ‘Adblock’

3. In the right pane, make sure you have hi-lighted 'Extensions' as this defaults to 'Apps'

4. On the extension’s details section, look for 'AdBlock (from and click the Add to Chrome button.

5. A dialog appears, letting you know about the types of data that the extension will be able to access. 

6. Click Install in the dialog to grant the extension access to the data described. The extension installs and loads automatically, so you can start using it right away.

7. You can check this has worked by returning to the forum and pressing the F5 key to refresh the page.  You should see that all adverts have been removed.  

8. As a sideline, this seems to remove all the adverts from other sites such as Facebook etc.

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