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Feb 25 13 12:06 PM

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John Martin has sent me the following email. I can get some publicity in the local press (and maybe we could organise some posters around the town?), but any thoughts or pointers on how successful the evening might be would be much appreciated.

Hi Tim
Max Boyce the great Welsh comedian is at my house in April. I would love to take advantage of this to put a night on at our clubhouse but we struggle to sell tickets of late and have had to cancel a few shows because of poor support for them. Can we see if we can gauge what kind of response we would get if we went ahead with such a night as An Evening With Max Boyce for CBFC?
 It would have to be on a Monday or Wednesday in April as he is only in North Wales for a short time and I would say tickets would be £15.00

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Feb 25 13 1:25 PM

I'll have a word with 'Sports Desk' in the office Tim. They have all the contacts for the local Rugby/Football clubs. Could be worth dropping them an email about this. I'm sure Dave or Ben would do this if I asked them

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Mar 7 13 12:37 PM

Apart from the few daily visitors who frequent this forum, I don't believe this was mentioned anywhere.  This was a pretty easy sell TBH, but...........

......Oh forget it, it's all been said before! 

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