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Apr 20 13 7:32 PM

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This match might be as big as the play-off final against FCUM. The unbelievable efforts of the team have given us a fantastic chance of retaining our BSN status for another season.

The players need, no - They DESERVE a bloody good turn-out from the town. I'll be on the backs of the NWWN and Daily Post and Pioneer. We should be on the front-page of both of our weekly papers as well as get some build-up from the Post this week.  Wherever you are this week, please make sure you hype this game up to the max!  Does anyone have contacts with the local radio (Heart 96.3)? They also need to know how big a game it is.

Even if its for one game only, lets all put aside whether it costs too much, or whether we advertise around the town properly. You cannot buy the feeling of elation when the final whistle blows and you realise 'Your Team' have pulled off the impossible, and the more people there celebrating, the better it feels.

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Apr 20 13 8:09 PM


We're not safe yet. But we NEED support. I'm there, and I know somebody who doesn't usually come has been swept along with the emotion and will probably come along. Gloucester are coming along in fancy dress, I say we do too (I already am, I was even if we were getting relegated!)

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Apr 20 13 8:10 PM

Personally I go out of my way to avoid having to listen to Heart 96.3 but from what little I do hear I don't think it's a local station any more, at least not in the way Coast 96.3 used to be.  Tudno FM might be worth a try, I'm not sure if their signal reaches Colwyn Bay bit there's no reason people from Llandudno can't come and support the Seagulls.

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Apr 20 13 8:32 PM

I'll ask Bryn Law from Sky Sports news to retweet the fixture. Although he's a Wrexham fan he's very good to all of Welsh Sport & has retweeted my Colwyn Bay stuff before :)

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Apr 21 13 4:56 PM

I know the station manager at Tudno FM and will be giving him a call on Monday morning if that is any help

Hopefully, he will be happy to plug it from Tuesday morning when we know what we need to do. Lets just keep focused on what these lads have done in seven days and two hours. Its nothing short of miraculous!

Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
15 Worcester 38 12 8 18 53 58 -5 44
16 Stalybridge 38 11 11 16 48 60 -12 44
17 Bishop 37 10 12 15 49 68 -19 42
18 Histon 38 11 8 19 46 69 -23 41
19 Corby 38 11 7 20 64 87 -23 40
20 Colwyn 36 8 7 21 45 74 -29 31
21 Droylsden 37 5 6 26 40 107 -67 21
R Hinckley 37 2 3 32 29 125 -96 6

Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts
15 Boston 41 14 7 20 65 69 -4 49
16 Stalybridge 40 12 12 16 52 60 -8 48
17 Bishop 40 11 12 17 52 72 -20 45
18 Colwyn 40 12 7 21 54 77 -23 43
19 Corby 41 12 7 22 66 92 -26 43
20 Histon 40 11 9 20 47 72 -25 42
R Droylsden 41 5 7 29 43 118 -75 22
R Hinckley 40 2 4 34 32 136 -104 7

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Apr 22 13 7:02 PM

I've been asked to pass on a message.  A London rock band called 4wheel Drive were due to play the clubhouse on Saturday, this gig has now been moved to the Park Hotel due to end of season presentations.  Please be aware any who were intending going to the gig = cheers.

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Apr 24 13 5:41 PM

The club have received this email from a Newport County fan:

Dear Colwyn Bay Football Club
 I am welsh and live in Newport. Consequently I support Newport County and am very
proud to see Swansea in the Premier League. I am also pleased to see that Cardiff
will Join them next season. Hopefully, Newport and Wrexham will meet at Wembley to
fight for promotion to league 1. A great season for Welsh Football.
 However, nothing any of the aforementioned clubs has achieved has been anywhere
near the fantastic set of results that your club has just completed in avoiding
relegation from the Conference North League.
 Outstanding, unbelievable, Superb are just some of the words that come to my mind.
I waited with baited breath for your results to come through, I hoped but did'nt really
believe you could climb Everest in flip flops  - but you did. Wow! 
 I hope that you can carry forward this form into next season and gain promotion to
the Conference Premier League which is entirely possible considering your recent
 Again, well done and good luck for your last game aginst Gloucester which I am sure
you can celebrate along with your fans for a fantastic recovery from the jaws of
 Very best wishes
John Lightfoot
Long Suffering Newport County Fan


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Apr 24 13 5:49 PM

 Just a word about arrangements after the match on Saturday.

 Presentations will take place in the clubhouse from 5.30pm as soon as the players have changed and eaten, so hopefully, assuming that everything goes well with the result, as many fans as possible will stay behind to give the players a well deserved 'thank you' for their incredible efforts over the last couple of weeks.
  The presentations need to finish by 6.30 -7.00pm as the players are going for a night out and hotel stay in Manchester funded by the directors.

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Apr 25 13 1:46 PM

And this is taken from Corby forum.................

As any well weathered fan will know, Corby Town always leave it late and this season is no exception!!! Saturdays game is massive, and Corby Town FC have rightly made the game free to ensure as big a crowd as possible be there to support the team and manager in this crucial game!!! We as fans need to do our part too. The CTST are looking for volunteers to help promote the Corby vs Gainsborough game around the town and to everyone they know!!! If you would like to help, simply email with your details and we'll get in touch. Alternatively, the CTST will be promoting the game and flying the Steelmen flag from the Corby Cube tomorrow at 5.00pm. We'll be distributing flyers and handing out posters for people to put up. Simply come up and collect your posters to distribute? Lets all get behind the team and push them over the finish line!!! CTST Steering group

.................. is there going to be any reduction on price for the Gloucester game to maybe get some casuals up to the ground???

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Apr 26 13 6:00 PM

What's Tudno FM?


Local radio station based in Llandudno

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