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#101 [url]

Apr 27 13 5:00 PM

Pos Team Pld Gd Pts
17 Bishop 42 -16 49
18 Colwyn 42 -21 49
19 Histon 42 -25 44
20 Corby 42 -26 44
21 Droylsden 42 -81 22
22 Hinckley 42 -106 10

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#102 [url]

Apr 27 13 5:01 PM

well done everyone.

i did say after winning that gainsborough game,  we had one last fight left in us

i did not expect it to be soo good though.

i want to get drunk now!!

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#103 [url]

Apr 27 13 5:02 PM

TBC Full Times

Altrincham 6 0 Droylsden
Boston 3 4 Brackley
Bradford 0 0 Histon
Colwyn 1 0 Gloucester
Corby 0 0 Gainsborough
Guiseley 2 4 Hinckley
Oxford 1 1 Bishop
Solihull 2 2 Workington
Stalybridge 1 0 Halifax
Vauxhall 0 0 Harrogate
Worcester 0 1 Chester

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#105 [url]

Apr 27 13 5:31 PM

SEAGULLS!! What an achievement by Frank and the players after it seemed we were doomed just over a fornight ago. As big as achievement as the back to back to promotions in my opinion.  Winning the last six games to stay up and also securing a third season in the Conf North is no mean feat.
Very pleased especially for Frank as a rookie manager as relegation would not have looked good on the CV. Let's hope he can build on this now.

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#106 [url]

Apr 27 13 5:43 PM

great result, couldn't stay for the presentations but a big thanks to everyone at the club for an amazing season. Lets enjoy whats happened but more importantly late build on this for next season.

Big thanks to GCAFC for their tremendous support & atmosphere at todays game.

C'mon the bay :)

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#109 [url]

Apr 27 13 7:43 PM

Good day at the Office Frank  #legened... the GCFC fans are superb and a credit to their club.
Good to hear that Chelsea are looking to do a pre-season friendly .. hope its not the under 14's 

Anyway more important Frank's commitment to CBFC he could be the greatest asset the club has had... Ever!

a massive shout out to all the players and Chris for getting the Supporters choice... Hops for managers player and Tom for Directors.... Well done all!

Super FS!    SEAGULLLLS!!!!!

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#110 [url]

Apr 27 13 8:02 PM

Don't forget - Steve McQueen never made it over the fence. We did.

The Greatest Escape !

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#111 [url]

Apr 27 13 8:39 PM

Just to confirm the end of season award winners:
Manager's Player of the Season: Rob Hopley.
Directors' special award: Tom Smyth.
Leading goal scorer: Rob Hopley.
Supporters Player of the season: Chris Sanna.

Thanks to everyone for their kind comments on the match thread service. Hopefully we'll do it all again next season. ave a good summer everyone.
 Keep tuned in to the blog for news on new signings, pre-season friendlies etc during the
 close season.

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#114 [url]

Apr 27 13 9:14 PM

What an anti-climax, after all that worry and fuss we finished five points clear of the relegation zone.  OK, only was enjoyable as we never looked to be in trouble and once the goal went in I think everyone relaxed, the sun shone and the atmosphere was fantastic.  The Gloucester supporters again played their part (why weren't they allowed to dance along the touchline?) and I hope we see them again next year although with three Northern teams coming down from the Prem and Leamington and possibly Stourbridge coming up from the Evo-stik South it seems some of the more southerly teams are going to be on the move.  Thanks also to Dave Mehew for bringing himself on as a sub, seeing a player only a month younger than me and with a belly twice as big as mine has inspired me....I'll be buying a new pair of boots and attending the trials pre-season.

Also thanks to the legendary Tim Channon.  I can't imagine what it would be like not to have Tim's running commentary, especially for away games, so please don't think about retiring anytime soon Tim C!

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#115 [url]

Apr 27 13 9:40 PM

Wonderful result today. Six on the spin to avoid relegation - is this a record!. After two rollercoaster seasons, we now need some stability, especially to eliminate those horrible home collapses - there have been too many of them, which do not give any long term confidence to floating supporters to get them to support on a regular basis. We need to build up the supporter base, the 633 there today, must be a target average home crowd for next season. One thing I liked  today was the noise made by the young element in fancy dress - superb. We need to keep this element on a permanent basis for next season as support, noise and atmosphere all go together. If we can get our act together, the club can become the preferred choice for football supporters in the area greater than Colwyn Bay. The Welsh Premier is dead on its feet and can only decline. The BSN standard is so much higher than the WPL and the gap will only grow.
Well done to everyone concerned this season, we were in the last chance saloon, mega style, at 4-50pm after the Droylsden fiasco.
Off to Kiddy tomorrow to support the other love in my footy life - you can have more than one!

Up the Bay, up the Sheepsh*****s.

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#116 [url]

Apr 27 13 9:58 PM

Is frank going to get the manger of the month award now were staying up??.the kids behind the goal were brilliant again today just hope they are there again next season.well done the lads bit nail bitting until we scored hope to see elison back next season I think he made a big difference since he joined us and he was lucky just to get a yellow today I think.

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#117 [url]

Apr 27 13 10:28 PM

What a weight off our shoulders eh?
Today was finally the end of an etxremely hard struggle to stay in the league, and i think only two weeks ago i remember looking at the table and seeing we were 9 points behind and thought thats it, game over.
Hinckley beat Corby 6-3 and then great we are back in it, and then to go and lose the next day to an already relegated Droylesdon, i honestly thought that was our chance blown. Then we beat Gainsborough the next game and i remember saying on this forum that we could have one more fight left in us. This turnaround has been absolutely amazing. And has left me speechless at times over the last 2 weeks. Fair play.
So how can Colwyn Bay head in the right direction and bulid on this fantastic run? It is great to see some real fans on here with the Bay close to their hearts, and im learning so much about the club through reading your articles.
Back to back play off final promotions, two seasons in the Conference North, and the building of the new stand last season to stay in the league, this is a hell of a great rollercoaster ride to be on with you guys. Also great to see the reserve team being set up for next season, not to mention the ladies team.
I see good things for the future for Colwyn Bay FC.
thankyou Mark for managing this site, i think it's you that set this forum up.
and a massive thankyou to Tim for keeping me right up to date all season. I know i can visit this forum each matchday and not only find the score, but also what is actually been going on in the game, which isnt that easy to come across in the Conference North. You havn't let me down and i can't wait for next season to do it all over again.

Congratulations to Frank and the team!! 
Make no mistake, this is just as important as promotion!!

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#119 [url]

Apr 28 13 12:36 AM

Had a good day today! Gloucester fans were definitely entertaining!
The football being played was a bit dull compared to when I last saw the team, but hey, we won!
Will definitely try to become a regular at the games next season.

Well done lads!

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#120 [url]

Apr 28 13 9:27 AM

Great day and it was nice to see so many Bay people at the game today ie a big gate not made up of a visiting teams large following. 

Congratulations to Frank and the boys.  The person I am most pleased for is Bob Paton, he has worked so hard for this club, he deserves all the plaudits going. First of all when he re-built the bar when we were a Unibond North Club going nowhere and he brought in Adie Jones who nearly got us promoted then, he laid the foundations back then for what we have today which is a bloody good club, run in the right way because we've finished the season with no debt.  Roll on next season.

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