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Apr 23 13 4:22 PM

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Hello everyone,  

We are going to be hosting a stand at the Colwyn Bay Prom Xtra, both days, 18th and 19th of May. 

We are hosting a stand and also doing a penalty shootout with the kids on the beach, similar too what we do with the kids at half time! 

We are requesting as many volunteers as possible to please put there names forward for just 4 hours a day, obviously if more people volunteer then the less time each shift will be! But here is a rough draft of the hours / shifts we are looking too do. 

Two People on the stand: 

 Sat      10am - 1pm

            1pm - 5pm

 Sun     10am – 1pm

            1pm -  4pm


The standard times are as follows:               8am set up stand

                                                                9am vehicles moved

                                                                10am open to the public

                                                                5pm close –Saturday

                                                                4pm close – Sunday

These hours can be reduced if we have more volunteers, any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated on here or e-mail me:



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May 2 13 3:23 PM

Hi guys!

Just an update we have had a few volunteers which is excellent!

But we are still looking for more volunteers, it would be much appreciated. It will involve working on the stand, only for a bit. Just passing on information to people about the club, our new community initiavies and handing out flyers to people who visit the stand, which have already been printed.

Anything would be greatly appreciated, an hour or two on either Saturday 18th or Sunday 19th

If you could e-mail:

That be great! 

Thanks very much

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May 15 13 11:34 AM

Last ditch now for more volunteers! 

The response has been good and the shedend lot are coming down too help out which is much appreciated. 

We have split the time schedules, these are both for Sat and Sun

Setup 8-10

Morn  10-12

After 12-2

Close 2-5 (Sat) 2-4 (Sun)

Again, E-mail me if interested and if not, see you at the weekend! 


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