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Apr 28 13 3:59 PM

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Interesting Link from stalybridge website compaing attandances for each club over the season.

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Apr 28 13 4:19 PM

Makes some interesting reading. Most clubs finished the season in-and-around the same position in the league table as they have in the attendance league (Average). 

Do Solihull have a sugar daddy or a generous sponsor? If not, finishing 9th in the league is a fantastic achievement with those attendance figures. Their average is only 40-odd higher than our minimum. Fair play to them.

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Apr 28 13 11:03 PM

Rhyl have been winning almost every game for the last 3 years. That certainly helps.


... and to be fair, Bangor have been at the right end of the table in the most part. If Frank can get us nearer the top end, I reckon our gates will naturally go up a bit.

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Apr 29 13 7:55 PM

Of course when we are doing well the glory hunters always turn up.....FC UTD play off comes to mind.
Attendance based on population is probably pretty good overall.

I bet Cardiff and Swansea wished they had joined the WPL back in the early 1990s to increase their gates and not wasted their time in English pyramid as they have not achieved much have they?

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May 2 13 8:58 AM

Agreed, every game should have school or college tickets given out free.

On top of that, make special offers to all. The pie and pint is decent but run too frequent so maybe we can try different offers. Entry, program and raffle for £12 (£8 consessions and students), Entry and hot drink for £12 (£8 consessions and students) Last Saturday before end of month game for a tenner (When everyone is skint).

Hopefully this year, a few sides with decent support will be in the league, Halifax, Stockport, Telford, Alty, FCUM (although I would like Chall to bring Fylde up really) may all be with us so for these games, the attendance could be good if done properly. Someone from the club could get a special offer and log on to each teams forum and give them the offer in advance (a month or so) and try entice them over.


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