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May 1 11 12:27 PM

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Dave Challinor reports a number of injury worries.
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May 1 11 6:27 PM

Thats a big worry with these injuries and knocks. Kinda assumed J-mac wouldn't be playing given his eye but surprised to hear about Hoppa, Sanna etc. Hope these knocks are shaken off for tomorrow so we can have a good crack at it

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May 2 11 1:58 AM

What can you say.......
I can't really blame genuine fans for doing whatever they can to see such a great game. But and this is a big one if official club sources have advocated tresspassing etc then that is truly iodiotic. Any decision by the club to limit no's to 2k  (which will be busy enough) was for everyones H&S etc..........
Is FCUM paying for the additional policing costs or the officals concerned personally themselves I wonder? Hopefully everything will be Ok and pass without incident. But if people get too excited etc then who's going to carry the can? There is no way they can blame CBFC that's for sure.......

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May 2 11 2:31 AM

I spoke to an fc fan last night who said there would be about 500 fans sitting in the field and they plan on doing a collection split 50 50 I hope that they will be allowed to watch the game it will make for one hell of a sight to see such a big crowd at the bay, I just hope that all the regular fans managed to get a ticket , its gona be one hell of a day.
Hoppo had a seagull a seagull a seagull.......

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May 2 11 7:46 AM

As there's no segregation today, we should get there as early as possible to make sure the mancs don't nick our triact. Last thing we want is to be stuck in the seats and the shed end, while they fill our stand!!

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May 2 11 8:12 AM

BIG day..... let's hope it goes well, a good game, good atmosphere and a GREAT result for the Seagulls grin

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#11 [url]

May 2 11 9:43 AM

A few FC fans have got there early. I can see 2 tents in the top left hand side of the field. 500 fans in a field. Anyone got a burger van? Farmer could make a mint there.

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May 2 11 11:57 AM

They shall be remembered forever
They shall be alive forever,
They shall be speaking forever,
The people shall hear them forever,
Let the sea bear witness,
Let the wind bear witness
Let the earth bear witness,
Let the fire bear witness,
Let the dew bear witness,
Let the stars bear witness! 


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