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#141 [url]

May 3 11 2:18 PM

 Not a fan either myself but it's worth a purchase to play as Colwyn Bay :D


...but that would put Virtual Lord Challinor out of a virtual job... :-/...I will have to get it myself though! Haven't played since Championship Manager 2001/2002!

From the office of Seagull-Kev

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#144 [url]

May 3 11 3:05 PM

Here you go baze,
I have watched the goal over and over, laptop on one knee and my copy of the daily post on the other[image] 


And your tissues to hand too ;-)


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#147 [url]

May 3 11 4:55 PM

I'd love to be there to carry on the party but working away unfortunately. Hoping to keep the diary clear for the finale' though, any word where this is going to be? Hopefully a little closer this way, I'll take Buckley's ground please

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#148 [url]

May 3 11 5:23 PM

thankyou.i meant the season tickets will go up now.i wonder how many of the faithful will be there thursday night????.


Lets encourage them all back. We are all in it together. The more we get, the bigger the playing budget. Imagine what Chall and Colin would do with a big budget!!


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#150 [url]

May 3 11 7:12 PM

Thanks for putting up the places to see the goal -is there anywhere else though as that Scorio link does'nt work for me - I missed it too, was'nt quite as bad a reason as Baz E ( fancy going to the toilet during a play off final - tut -tut)  but I was looking for the ball in the river from Hops' skied effort shortly before when I heard a feckin big roar and I though FCUM had scored - then I heard 'Seagulls, Seagulls!
A never to be forgotten day.
We owe a big thanks to a few people and I'm going to name one or two - Darren Cartwright who had a logistical nightmare after the N Ferriby win to sort out the ticket allocation, saftey , etc. Captain Shandy Pants who also worked his nuts off for a few days doing all sorts of stuff , including producing a programme at very short notice and getting it printed at 6 am ( cheers to Mark Berger also.), they also had to deal with all sorts of stress going on the night before the game due to the FCUM Managers' comments re the Hill,whether the game would be called off on safety grounds, what could potentially happen etc ,etc
Martin Cartwright deserves praise as well for being the calming influence in amongst it all on the day - we miss your presence Big Chap don't be too much of stranger.
I was impressed with those Security guys as well - they were most professional.
Sombody now needs to get down the Marine and bag some sponsorship for next season - they must have made a feckin fortune!

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#151 [url]

May 3 11 7:44 PM

Really good point about the Marine! If they could expect to get away fans going there before games each Saturday they'd surely let the Bay stick a sign on their building/in their grounds??

From the office of Seagull-Kev

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#160 [url]

Dec 4 11 5:50 PM

This is one of my fav videos, the play-off semi final at Curzon Ashton before we got through to Lancaster. I love watching Denson run to the crowd el Team America style after the second goal.

Crank that volume up

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