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Aug 29 11 11:14 AM

Tags : : will be taken off line for a couple of hours prior to todays game. This is due to a general overhaul the the site has needed for a while.  The look of the new site has changed slightly, but I have tried to keep the navigation as similar as possible.

Fixes still required:
Images need adding to the player profiles.
Match reports need linking from the fixture page (These are available via the menu bar)
Latest news links need to be added.

If you spot any other 'fixes required' please let me know here.
Also, the new software we are running does allow all sorts of widgets to be added, so if there is anything you would like adding to the site, then please ask here

There will be no down time for the forum during this period

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#2 [url]

Aug 30 11 9:43 AM

I will be adding the interactive link to the navigation bar this evening, so FB, Twit and here will be linked.
They are linked on the left column, but not ideal as they are a bit oit of the way.

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