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Dec 21 11 10:52 PM

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Any free car space? Room for one more? Can chuck a fiver in **flutters eyelids**

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Dec 22 11 11:03 AM

Go On then Rhys,  I was debating whether to go to this one or not. Your plea for help has won me over, although I must say, the thought of you fluttering your eyelids does do a certain something 

 So if anyone else fancies, there are now two seats available in my car.

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Dec 23 11 12:27 AM

Message from Alan "Plumber" he will also be driving and has some spare seats. I understand just a contribution towards the fuel will be fine and no need for flutering of eyelids required!!!!!!

anyone interested can give Alan a call on 593281.

Merry Christamas and a happy new year to you all. I probably won't be at the Christmas games as usual due to spending time with the family, all the best one and all from the Jones clan.......

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Dec 24 11 9:41 PM

Just one seat available now.


My car is now full.

Rhys W
Neil B
Graham J
Arthur H

Will be leaving the Bay at 13:45 to arrive at 14:30

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