Mar 23 12 9:10 AM

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I have been asked to post a message requesting help at the ground - bodies are needed today and next week.  The seats are already in the process of being moved from the small stands over to the new stand.  However, another load of seats are being delivered today.  While the lads doing the stand get on with fixing the seats into place, help is needed with unloading, moving, shifting etc the new seats.  the ground also needs a general clean up and the turnstiles need putting in at the town end.  If anyone is able to turn up and ask the lads there if there are any jobs they want doing this wouls be greatly appreciated.  There's one week to go before the FA inspection and everything has to be done or the ground grading will not be granted.  Rember, Eastwood hadn't quite finished their ground improvements last season and were not given their grading or allowed to enter the play-offs and look what's happened to them this season.

Please - there is no need to respond to this message or ask questions etc because I can't answer them.  I've just been asked to post a message that helpers are now desperately required for that final push, so please turn up to help if you can, even if it's only for an hour or two - Thanks