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Apr 1 12 8:48 AM

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It's a glorious day for it, so may I wish all those who are taking part in the walk up Snowdon all the very best and I hope you raise thousands for the cause.

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Apr 1 12 12:31 PM

Well done to Everyone taking part and a special well done to a freind of mine graham Davies who despite ran in a fell race yesterday still managed to run up and down snowdon today for raise the roof 95 minutes great effort mate well done.

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Apr 1 12 8:39 PM

photos from the walk

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    Apr 1 12 9:41 PM

    Big effort from everyone involved in the walk today was a great thing to be a part of even if it half killed me!  A fantastic effort from everyone involved, people of all ages and abilities supporting one common cause, Colwyn Bay FC.

    If you didn't join the walk today, haven't sponsored anyone thus far or haven't been able to go and help with the massive amount of work a few dedicated people have gone beyond the call of their duty with at the stadium, which looks fantastic...

    please remember that the fundraising doesn't just stop now the stand is up and the walk is complete, so make a donation to Raise the Roof at the following link

    everyone should be actively involved in this campaign, we can all do our bit in some little way, so don't just leave it to others and think the work / money etc will just happen...

    Lets see the donations to the campaign continue to rise over the next few days.. even if it is throwing some money in the bucket at the next home game...

    now off soak my aching feet! 

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    Apr 2 12 1:33 PM

    Just wanted to thank everyone who took part in the slog up Snowdon yesterday - we were very lucky in having an almost perfect day for it.

    I'd like to particularly thank Mickey Thomas for getting involved ( that boy is a fit fella, glad I did'nt have to walk at his pace!) and Jon and David Newby for travelling all the way from the North West to take part.

    Finally, the loyal supporters who took part and took the trouble to raise the sponsorship - we won't have a final figure raised for a couple of weeks yet but his will be announced as soon as we have a total.

    On that note , could I ask that anyone who has raised sponsorship money can collect it within the next two weeks and get it to myself or Daryl Williams as soon as you can.


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    Apr 13 12 10:11 PM

    Just a reminder to those I have'nt already contacted , if you have raised any sponsorship money for the Snowdon Walk , either yourself or through sponsoring a player, could you please bring it to the ground tomorrow or get it to me as soon as you can.

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    Apr 27 12 1:39 PM

    That's brilliant, well done to all who took part, Mickey Thomas and the Supporters group, namely Neil and Daryl.

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