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Nov 4 12 12:39 PM

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Hi all,

Been looking through this site - - which details the history of all football clubs, and noticed a team named Colwyn Bay United, that have a history of playing in the FA Cup - anybody (Arthur?) know more about them -

Also, what happened in the 1930-31 FA Cup to cause "DETAILS REMOVED FOR COPYRIGHT REASONS"? :)

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Nov 4 12 8:58 PM

Arthur will be able to tell you a 'helova lot more' but we have got an old photo of Colwyn Bay FC and it the wording on the badge is 'Colwyn Bay United FC'.

Is my access to '' still enabled Rhys? I will upload the image for you.

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Nov 6 12 11:33 AM

That site is incorrect - it's all the same Colwyn Bay FC club.

The term Colwyn Bay United was first used (according to my research),  in October 1901, when the then club Secretary, described as George Jones Council Offices (presumably situated where the Job Centre is now) announced in the north Wales press that:  "Colwyn Bay United would be pleased to arrange matches with any other clubs along the north Wales coast."

The Colwyn Bay United name was then used interitently up to the Great War, then through the 1920's and 30's up until the club went bust in 1937/8 and had to withdraw from the Birmingham League and rejoin the Welsh Leage.

As a side note, one has to be careful when claiming it is the first time Colwyn Bay have played any club, because we played in the FA Cup in the 1920's and 30's and the Birmingham League in the 30's and we also played friendlies against the likes of Man U, Villa, WBA etc.

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